Submission Guidelines

Eclectic in tastes but not in standards, the Stimola Literary Studio, highly selective in representation, invites unsolicited queries on picture books, novels, and graphic novels, as well as select projects in nonfiction, most of the year. While we have always striven to provide the courtesy of response to all queries, the extraordinarily large number now received makes that no longer possible. We can only respond now to those we wish to pursue further and will not be responsible for manuscripts submitted without regard to this policy, which supercedes any information listed in the writers’ guides or on other websites.

Queries, no more than one page in length, including synopsis, credentials and statement of what makes book distinctive or unique are preferred via e-mail at

At present, we are MOST interested in:

  • Author/ illustrators
  • Humorous middle grade, especially for boys
  • Spare of language/illustrated picturebooks for the very young
  • Middle grade/young adult mysteries with a fun “puzzling” dimension
  • Young adult thrillers, supernatural, and/or sci-fi novels
  • Multi-cultural middle or teen fantasy (African, eastern, middle eastern)
  • Graphic novels for early, middle and YA
  • Nonfiction, with crossover appeal in adult markets
  • And, just to keep things interesting… we are also looking to add to our growing list of cookbook titles with unique concepts and niche market appeal!

We are NOT interested in:

  • Picture book texts of 1000 words or more
  • Fables, folklore or traditional fairytales
  • Poetry or “mood pieces”
  • Stories for “all ages”
  • Educational workbooks/activity books
  • Nonfiction for institutional markets
  • Message-driven or didactic stories
  • Civil War or Revolutionary War era historical fiction

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